Since the beginning of human history, mankind has been asking a very simple question, “what is mind?. As humans developed in the path of science and philosophy, this question became more and more complex with thousands of other doubts and confusions emerging from it. Back in the days, when humanity had just discovered fire, if somebody behaved unnaturally or crazy, collective ignorance defined it as some supernatural possession. Even today, to our utter, disgrace, this ignorance runs in the profound and remote veins of many civilizations. But, thinkers throughout history dared to ask questions to unfold these mysteries of human behavior. Freud and Breur took a step further in the clandestine arena of human mind, by finding out jewels of facts behind Hysteria. Following the footsteps of Freud, another man named C.G. Jung, made us more aware about the truth behind the most subtle acts of human psychology. On the pillars of all these rising knowledge, modern neurology became far more delicate and sophisticated, shedding light over different dark regions of the brain. Now, we know that there’s no supernatural impact upon abnormal human behavior or instability of mind. If there’s anything closely real and scientific to the term “supernatural”, it is “natural impact”, for nature makes a huge impact on the mind and molecules of every living being. This phenomenon becomes more evident when there occurs a geomagnetic disturbance on planet earth. There have been reports of an increased frequency of seizures in epileptic patients during geomagnetic disturbances. Since the dawn of mankind, the geomagnetic fields have been interacting with each brain on mother earth, thus making it vulnerable and sensitive to different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. This gives us an evolutionary advantage in developing a cure for the cruel and sometimes clandestine diseases of human mind or the entire Nervous System. Utilizing the basic electromagnetic link between the charact

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